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Herbal Medicine


The link between nutrition, gut health, and mental health is clear. For some, the right supplements can help improve mental health and the functioning of traditional medicines. 

We have high-grade, pure formulations of certain supplements available, in our office.


Wellness SCORE

Score represents five key areas that we, as parents, can focus on, to improve our children’s general wellbeing, and more specifically, their mental health. 

Learn more about SCORE...

Healthy Food

The Mediterranean 

When it comes to what we eat, quality matters! 

While we don’t expect teens to adhere to a mediterranean diet, exclusively, we do advise that the majority of their diet comply with the following principles:


Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is important. More structured seep habits directly translate into better emotional and mental wellbeing.

We have a guide on creating and maintaining good sleep hygiene...

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