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The current healthcare system is set up to respond to crisis. The lack of resources allocated to prevention and early intervention cruelly subjects adolescents to a remarkable amount of unnecessary pain and suffering, and increases risk of self-medication, addiction and suicidality. 


For those who come to us in crisis, we focus on swift and immediate crisis management. 


However, the long-term answer key to the adolescent mental health crisis is multifaceted and requires a holistic approach to adolescent wellness, focusing on early intervention and preventative care. 




The WAY Center was founded on the belief that every adolescent needs a niche trained pediatrician to serve as their care manager. With a caring and qualified pediatrician devoted to their wellbeing, adolescents will finally have a medical home where they:

  • Have access to the latest, evidence-based, best practices to swiftly and effectively diagnose, treat and manage mental and / or behavioral health disorders;

  • Have an advocate to help coordinate additional resources (ex. specialists, therapies, etc.) that are accessible and allocated in a timely, thoughtful and appropriate manner. 


Through our thoughtful and evidence-based screening processes, our community education programs, our local community networks, and broad access to mental health resources, our pediatric primary care providers strive for early intervention, preventing many crises altogether. 





The basic foundation for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing always has to include healthy systems of:

  • Nutrition;

  • Exercise; and

  • Sleep. 

Screening, diagnostic and treatment plans CANNOT ignore the critical role these basic building blocks play in adolescent health and wellness. Treatment plans cannot rely exclusively on pharmacological interventions, without addressing these systems. Early intervention offers families an opportunity to reform systems in the home that been unknowingly compromising their adolescent’s wellness, reestablishing a foundation for wellbeing. 



Michael Milobsky

Michael J Milobsky, MD



"As a pediatrician with almost three decades of experience, I feel personal responsibility to alleviate the immediate pain and suffering I see in our youth. I am steadfast in my dedication to restore the trajectory of our adolescent community; to destigmatize mental health, mood and addiction disorders, and normalize the pursuit of rehabilitation, recovery and wellbeing."

As a board certified pediatrician with special training in treating chronic pain, addiction and pediatric mental health and behavior disorders, Doctor Milobsky gained much of his pediatric experience working as a pediatric hospitalist and pediatric emergency physician in multiple hospitals throughout Denver. 


Doctor Milobsky is a renowned, trusted, and skilled diagnostician, dedicated to diagnosing patients quickly and accurately and following up with the most appropriate, effective and up-to-date treatments. 


Doctor Milobsky owns and operates Castle Rock's leading Pediatric Primary Care Practice, Pediatrics at the Meadows.  

Doctor Milobsky and his wife, Ariella, have seven children and two grandchildren. They enjoy the outdoors, their dog, Sadie, and living an active, healthy lifestyle. 

David Gertz

David Gertz, LPC



"I grew up in an incredibly warm and loving home. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, my parents opened their home to foster children from our local community, many of whom had special needs. Watching my parents accept and love children from diverse and sometimes challenging backgrounds and witnessing the impact their actions had on these children, piqued my interest in child and family therapy.

I pride myself in being down to earth and relatable, and using my training and life experiences to ensure the best possible care for my patients."

David Gertz is a Licensed Child and Family Therapist with a decade of experience treating children, adolescents and adults. He specializes in treating anxiety, depression, ODD, mood disorders, PTSD, trauma, ADHD.  

David is passionate about helping teens develop the tools they need to thrive, and finds Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to be valuable interventions to help adolescents overcome barriers and develop the emotional strength they need to prosper. 

David and his wife have six children and enjoy spending time together as a family, both at home, and in the great outdoors. When he isn’t working or spending time with his family, David enjoys volunteering for local and national nonprofits dedicated to making the world safer for our youth.


Yael Milobsky
Integrative Nutritionist

Yael has been passionate about wellness since she was a teenager. Her interest in health and wellness initially arose out of a desire to improve her mood, mental clarity, and skin, and it eventually blossomed into a passion for living an active and healthy life. 


Yael graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Marketing and completed a comprehensive program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she studied the myriad of ways every individual can work towards improving their physical and mental wellbeing. 


Yael works with her clients to set health and wellness goals, and develop a plan to implement and manage these goals, including a customized health plan, nutrition recommendations, and movement and lifestyle strategies.