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High school students who have persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness

Way Center Denver

High school students who have seriously considered attempting suicide within the past year

Way Center Denver

High school students who have made a suicide plan


There is

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Way Center Denver

Physical Wellness

Way Center Denver

Mental Health

Way Center Denver

Emotional Wellness

The basic foundation for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, always starts with nutrition, exercise and sleep.


In addition to screenings, diagnostics and treatment plans, we acknowledge the absolutely critical role these basic building blocks play in adolescent health and wellness. Early intervention offers families an opportunity to establish a lifelong foundation for physical wellness. 

The current healthcare system is set up to respond to extreme crisis. The lack of resources allocated to prevention and early intervention cruelly subjects adolescents to a remarkable amount of unnecessary pain and suffering, and increases risk of self-medication, addiction and suicidality. 

There is a better WAY! Through routine screening processes, parent education, and timely access to the very best mental health resources, we offer families the opportunity to intervene early, and avoid unnecessary pain, suffering and crises. 

Purpose, passion and connection are critical for human wellbeing.


Finding the right outlets and tools to find purpose, pursue passions, and form healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationships, plays an integral role in happiness and longevity.  

The gift of self awareness is priceless and invaluable!


Smiling Teenage Boy


It felt impossible to find help for my son – even when we found a reputable provider, we had to wait months to get in. After only a few weeks in his care, Dr. Milobsky helped change our trajectory altogether. 

Teenage Girl


I didn’t realize how my daughters broken sleep was affecting her mood and academic performance. I never would have anticipated the profound impact that one small change could make!



We have had our kids at Pediatrics at the Meadows since Perry Street and have always been fans of the practice and Dr. Milobsky. After last night's appt., my respect  and appreciation for his dedication to the well-being of children is multiplied three-fold. I am beyond grateful this program is available to help my daughter.

Way Center Denver

2352 Meadows Blvd., Suite 170

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